Handy Discusses The Reasons You Should Install Hardwood Floors


While Handy does have locations all over the United States, we decided that today we were going to discuss a situation that is plaguing many of our customers in the northern states. We have a nasty thing here called snow. With snow comes sand, salt, mud, and many other undesirable things that can ruin your flooring. In southern states where they get less of this, if not none of it, this does not seem to be a problem. At our last company-wide business meeting, we discussed what type of flooring was the hardest to clean for our workers. Hands down the number one complaint among workers is cleaning carpeted flooring. It is not as simple as just running a vacuum over it and that is that. You need to make sure that the floor is stain-free as well. This is part of the service that our clients are paying us for. The easiest floors were anything that was not carpet.

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Warm Wood

When you walk into a house with wood floors, it just feels warm and inviting. For this reason, along with more reasons we will go over shortly, we feel that our customers should install wood floors. While they may not be as soft and comfortable as carpeted floors, they are much easier to keep clean. We have found wood floors to also be the number one choice for people that are worried about germs. There is nowhere in the wood for them to hide. You can apply your sanitation method and the floor will be germ-free in no time.


In the time that it takes to replace a wood floor, you will have had to replace your carpet around six times. This all depends on how clean you like your carpet, of course. If you don’t mind the stains in the carpet showing, then you could go much longer. However, it is our experience that when a floor gets stained, the customer wants to get that replaced as soon as possible. This can be an easy task if the carpet is new. You simply need to cut out the offending piece and replace it with a matching piece. You did save some extra just in case, right? However, the more that you use the carpet, the more the stains will start to build up naturally. This is due to the oils in the feet or other undesirables being tracked into the house. Now if you get a stain, you will have to replace the entire piece of carpet. This could be a lot more expensive. The reason for this is because you will not be able to replace the foot by foot square anymore. It will look completely out of place being brand new next to the older carpet. To save you all this trouble it is better to just get wood flooring.

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Many people think that it costs too much, but if you depreciate it over time you will find that it is actually cheaper. Handy would also like to take this time to remind you that if you are getting ready to sell your house, this can be an add on that will add extra dollars to the sale.

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