Solar Powered Electric Fences, A Great Investment To Your Home And Security

Crime rates are bustling and criminals are increasing in numbers each day. With such risk, even your home can be a crime scene with burglars invading your home and thieves sneaking into your yard. If you are having a hard time getting sleep at night, solar powered electric fences are for you!

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What are the solar powered electric fences?

From the name itself, solar powered electric fences are eco friendly electric fences that is powered by solar energy. This feature helps the owner save a lot of money from high electricity bills and can ease his mind without worrying against crime elements at the same time.

Solar powered electric fences are much expensive and takes a lot of time in setting up and it has lower power output and voltage as well. However, solar powered electric fences also offer versatility because they can work even on remote areas that has little to no electricity, thus making it perfect for rest houses, hotel and resorts and any similar establishments

Solar powered electric fence and its components

To learn more about solar powered electric fence chargers article from semprius, lets discuss its components and what are their purpose

Earthing or grounding system: grounding and earthing system ensures that the shock delivered to an animal or human is not fatal and safe. The grounding system would divide the shock delivered from the animal or human to the soil that would nullify the electricity

Energizer or charger: this is the component that delivers the DC energy or electricity from the battery to the whole system

Fence System: this system refers to the fence itself and how it sends electric shock to any undesirable element trying to trespass your home. After charging from the solar module, the charger would send the electricity from the battery to the live wire which would then shock the trespassers, the shock would then travel from the body of trespasser back to the charger or energizer and would diffuse the shock back to the ground

Chargers are very important in building your solar powered chargers because they are the ones responsible in controlling the shocks from trespasser, a bad fence charger can either kill or fry a human or might not cause a damage at all. Learning more about chargers is very important and to read more about chargers, check out Semprius article to solar powered electric fence chargers (

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